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Jumping kicks include the Jumping Front Kick, Jumping Turning Inside Kick, Jumping Roundhouse Kick, Jumping and Flying Side Kicks, Jumping Spin Kick, and Jumping Turning Back Side Kick.

The Jumping Front Kick is the easiest of the jumping kicks, though curiously it is not the first taught. In Ki Cho Hyung, 6th form, the beginning Kuk Sool Won™ practitioner is introduced to the Jumping Turning Inside Kick. This is taught as an Inside Kick followed by a jump into a 360° turn, and ending with another Inside Kick. This is 90° and a hip rotation shy of being a full tornado kick, and 180° shy of being a butterfly kick set-up. The easier Jumping Front Kick isn't introduced until Joong Geup Hyung. This kick is performed by lifting the knee of the trailing leg up, similarly to the way you would do it if you were doing Moo Reup Cha Ki: Knee Kick, but with enough force to lift you off the ground. The other leg, which was originally the lead leg, but which is now trailing, comes up in a front kick. It is possible to kick extremely high with this kick without requiring as much relative flexibility of the student, compared to other kicks.

Jumping Roundhouse, Side, and Spin kicks are pretty self explanatory. The Flying Side Kick is a Jumping Side kick with a running start. The Jumping Spin Kick takes some practice to master - basically, you perform a Spin Kick like normal, but bend the knee of the leg your weight is on significantly more than you need to maintain balance. Once you've turned to the point that you look over your shoulder, you spring up out of the crouch and whip the kicking leg around.

Advanced kicks that I've seen performed by Kwong Jahng Nym Sung Jin Suh or his brother, Kwong Jahng Nym Alex Suh, include Tornado kicks, butterfly kicks, and 540° twists. The last of those is usually only seen in the XMA/Tricking community.

Here are some examples of advanced kicking techniques:

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