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One of the two Crescent Kicks taught in Kuk Sool Won™, Ahn Dah Ree is performed from offensive or defensive stance. The trailing leg is the kicking leg, and should be held straight (no bending of the knee) and swung up and accross the body. Frequently students hold their palm out as a target, allowing the inside kick to slap against the hand. This demonstrates the contact point on the foot, which is the inside and side of the ball of the foot. When performing Ahn Dah Ree at full force, in sparring or instance, the kicking leg is not returned to the original stance - in fact it cannot be once you've committed fully to the kick. In Kuk Sool Won™, we traditionally stop the kick about halfway (at the point the kick strikes the hand, for instance), which allows us to maintain balance and return the kicking leg to the original stance. Ahn Dah Ree will always be performed this way in Hyung, and generally this way in practice as well.

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