Cho Geup Hyung is the Yellow Belt form. It is the 2nd form learned after joining.

The second Kuk Sool Won™ hyung, Cho Geup Hyung can be translated as "Elementary Level Form" and builds on the techniques already learned in Ki Cho Hyung. New stepping patterns (such as a "twisted stance") and techniques (Yuhp Chaki) are added to the student's repertoire with the learning of this form, as well as new combinations of techniques (such as a "circle block and punch"). While Ki Cho Hyung is a form that moves forward and back within each section, Cho Geup Hyung is a linear form which moves in a straight line from beginning to end. The most important principle in practicing Cho Geup Hyung is the maintenance of low stances.

When performing Cho Geup Hyung in a tournament square (10'x10'), the practitioner is obliged to begin in the bottom right corner, as opposed to directly facing the judges. Only by moving accross the square diagonally can this Hyung be contained in the allowed space.

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