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Dee Doh Rah Yuhp Cha Ki, or Turn Back Side Kick, is an incredibly effective and powerfull strike. It is Yuhp Cha Ki: Side Kick, with a 180° turn incorporated. As with the Spin Kicks, this kick can only be delivered with the trailing leg. From offensive stance, turn clockwise 90° so that your back is facing your opponent, and your right (back) leg is lifted off the floor. From here you chamber your knee for a side kick, which should reach full extension as your clockwise turn covers another 90°, for a total of 180° from your starting position. Striking surface is the same as with Yuhp Cha Ki - the side of the foot and the side of the heel. After full extension, rechamber and drop your kicking leg to the ground - you will now be in Defensive stance.

A simlar kick is Dee Doh Rah Cha Ki - the difference in this kick is that after you've turned the initial 90°, instead of chambering for a side kick, you would perform Dee Cha Ki, with the knee pointed down toward the ground. You would then turn the last 90° after landing the kick, and as in the the original kick, you will find yourself in the opposite stance from the one you started in.

Both of these kicks are outstanding counter attacks in Kuk Sool Won™ point sparring. If your opponent attacks you with a Roundhouse kick, for example, and you respond with Dee Doh Rah Yuhp Cha Ki or Dee Doh Rah Cha Ki, then (assuming you are fast enough) your opponent's roundhouse will land on your back, a non-scoring area, and your kick will score anywhere from the belly to the head.

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