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Dr. He Young-Kimm was born January 17th 1940. In 1953 at the of 13 Dr. Kimm began his study of martial arts in YuDo and BiSool. In the mid 1970's Dr. Kimm met KukSaNim In Hyuk Suh, and was so impressed that he decided to join him, and aid in the promotion of Kuk Sool Won. Dr. Kimm's relationship with Kuk Sool Won lasted for almost 15 years during which time he served as secretary general for the World Kuk Sool Association. In 1985 Dr. Kimm published "Kuk Sool: Korean Martial Arts", commonly referred to as the "Kuk Sool Classic" in which he cataloged the techniques that he learned from In Hyuk Suh to 5th dan. Today, Dr. Kimm is still a very accomplished martial artist, and holder of the 9th dan. He is the founder of the art of Han Mu Do, head of the World Hanmudo Association and has published numerous books on Korean Martial Arts, that are known for their size, depth, and quality.

[World Hanmudo Association]

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