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Juhn Gool Jah Se [전굴자세 - 前屈姿勢], or Forward Leaning Stance, is frequently used in Hyung. To assume Juhn Gool Jah Se, bend your lead knee roughly 90°, and keep your back leg completely straight. It is important to keep your trailing foot flat on the ground (do not allow your heel to raise up) with it pointing as much forward as possible. Since this posture exactly replicates the body position when ascending a steep slope, it is sometimes referred to as Climbing Stance. The ability to hold a deep Long Stance for an extended period of time is the mark of a good Kuk Sool Won™ practitioner.

The weight distribution for this stance is usually suggested to be 60/40 (front/rear), although the deeper the stance, the more likely it is to creep towards 70/30. Furthermore, the heels of both feet should be aligned with the focus directly in front of you along this same axis. Hips and shoulders should be made as square to this line as possible (i.e. perpendicular). Occaisionaly the focus is aimed somewhat to the side (as in the last movement of Cho Geup Hyung), and when this occurs the hips and shoulders are allowed to tilt more in this direction, but then the posture is called a 'sideways front-leaning stance' instead, or Yuhp Juhn Gool Jah Se in Korean [옆전굴자세].

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