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Kong Kyuk Jah Se, or Offensive Stance, is the stance, along with Bahng Uh Jah Se: Defense Stance, that you practice Johk Sool (Leg or Kicking Techniques) from. It is also frequently used in Hyung. It is also the default sparring stance, though many Kuk Sool Won™ students vary their sparring stances widely.

To assume Kong Kyuk Jah Se, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with your left (lead) foot pointing forward, and your right (trailing) foot pointing 90° off to the right. Bend both knees slightly, and raise your hands, palms open, such that your left hand is extended in front of you at roughly elbow level, and your right hand is held just out from your solar plexus. Both palms should be facing the ground.

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