Kuk Sool Won

Maek Chi Ki is the first set of techniques on the Kuk Sool Won™ chart specifically designed to respond against a striking attack. The techniques of Maek Chi Ki gives the student the tools to respond to a punching attack with a striking counter - directed against one of the sensitive and painful pressure points on the attacker's body.

Here are the 15 strikes, their corresponding Meridian, and the English translation of that acupoint.

Number Pressure Point Meridian Translation
1 Yuhl Gyul Lung 7 Broken Sequence
2 Soo Sahm Ri Large Intestine 10 Arm's Three Measures
3 Chuhn Boo Lung 3 Heaven's Residence
4 Geuk Chuhn Heart 1 Summit's Spring
5 Hohn Soo Not on a Meridian Not on a Meridian
6 Gaek Joo In Gall Bladder 3 Upper Hinge
7 Hohn Soo Not on a Meridian Not on a Meridian
8 Dae Po Spleen 21 Big Wrapping
9 Um Kyo Conception 7 Um's Junction
or Ki Hae Conception 6 Sea of Ki
10 Goo Mi Conception 15 Dove's Tail
11 Yuhm Chuhn Conception 23 Modesty Spring
12 Jang Moon Liver 13 System's Door
13 Ah Moon Governing 15 Door of Awareness
14 Shin Juhng Governing 24 Spirit Yard
15 Yoo Geun Stomach 18 Breast's Root
or Chuhn Ji Pericardium 1 Heaven's Pool


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