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List of Ranks[]

(all ranks must use the honourific -nim at the end of the rank to denote respect to the rank but NEVER when referring to one's self) The-tti (ddi) simply means belt in Hangulmal (written Korean language)

  • White Belt (Huin ddi)
  • Yellow Belt (Norang ddi)
  • Blue Belt (Cheong ddi)
  • Red Belt (Hong ddi)
  • stripes on coloured belts are by school owner's discretion. Some may use 1 and some may use 2. It is usually about 2 months to three months between coloured belts.
  • Brown Belt (Ja ddi)
  • Black-Brown Belt (Dahnbo Nim)
    • Black Stripes are earned no faster than every 3 months as a Black-Brown Belt (Dahnbo (2+ black stripes) and you must have a minimum of 8 total over 1 year after obtaining rank of dahnbo before testing for 1st degree (Jyokyo)
  • Jyokyo Nim 1st dahn
  • Kyosa Nim 2nd Dahn
  • Pusabum Nim 3rd Dahn
  • Sabum Nim 4th Dahn

Beginning at 5th Dahn are the Ranks of Master. All masters are Kwahn Jang Nim (school owner) (Female Masters are Yu Kwan Jang Nim), and are divided into the following: